Quality At A Comfortable Price Fresh Cut Lawn Care Atlanta Lawn Care is something that is often overlooked by homeowners.  Many consider it a chore, but we consider it a labor of love.  Working to improve the community starts with each individual, and we aim to make it easier on each individual by offering lawn care service.  A well kept yard is not only visually appealing, it also instills pride in ones environment, increases property value, and helps to mend a community closer.  Fresh Cut is a full service property and lawn maintenance company servicing commercial, as well as residential property in metro Atlanta.  We also offer maintenance of property for home owner’s associations, real estate investors, and property management companies.  Make a payment! Dwolla is a new payment network that works with your financial institution to offer a cheaper, safer, and overall better payment experience. With PayPal, all transactions are secure, and simple. What’s happening NOW! Now is also a great time to apply or refresh your ground cover!  Whether you have pine straw, colored mulch, river rock, pine bark, rubber mulch, or just want to change from one to another, now is the time to get it down. Ask how you can get a Fresh Cut yard sign! lawn care, atlanta, home, landscaping ideas, lawn mower, landscape, grass, foreclosure, organic fertilizer Lawn care service Atlanta Don’t you love the smell of a FRESH CUT LAWN? FYI... Never cut more than 30% of grass blade length in a single mowing.  This may potentially cause “scalping”, which leads to bald patches in the lawn.  If the lawn is growing quickly, it will require more frequent mowing. Fresh Cut Lawn Care accepts DWOLLA